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Parmesan Risotto with Shrimp

Parmesan Risotto with Shrimp

Almost a year ago I bought The Professional Chef, the Culinary Institute of America’s textbook, because…. it cost $40. Had 900 recipes. 800 color photographs. Recipe per dollar, it must be blowing every other cookbook out of the water!

But it’s overwhelmingly intimidating. All the recipes are to feed a crowd. And all the ingredients are listed by weight. It took me a little while (read: until this week!) to face the 1200 page behemoth and say, Yes. I am going to cook something from you.

So I cut the recipe for Risotto Milanese in half and got some shrimp so that I could make a less froofy-sounding dish: Parmesan Risotto with Shrimp. By all textbook/cookbook accounts, half the recipe should have served 5. But… it only served us 2. We were hungry. It was delicious.

Maybe you’ll have leftovers. Maybe you should double the recipe to feed your family. Maybe we were just two hungry 20-somethings who had been so busy all day we’d barely eaten anything.

Maybe, maybe, maybe. I’ll stick with it’s unstoppably delicious.

Parmesan Risotto with Shrimp
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