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For the Week (1.6.13) | Mackin' Cheese

For the Week (1.6.13)

What is living “the dream” nowadays? If you could do anything, without limits or hinderance, would that be living the dream? It’d definitely be living your dream… For me, I’d eat or cook for a living, or something in the restaurant industry. It’s still hazy. Or I’d travel for a living. But I don’t think I’d enjoy all of the intermediary steps to becoming a professional travel writer or restauranteur, so I’m stuck headed down a mysterious path to an indiscernible ending. Oh the joys of being an almost-college-graduate.

Two of the interesting links I found this week feature indie “dream” jobs — professional baristas (and the camps you can attend to be one!) and modern small farmers. At least that’s what I imagine to be super cool indie jobs. Check them out, maybe you’ll want to join in the fun too. Here’s hoping I can find a part-time job at a coffee shop this year!

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