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For the Week (2.25.13) | Mackin' Cheese

For the Week (2.25.13)

For the Week

This is Sevi. Have we talked about Sevi? Probably not, because I’m not with her most of the year. She’s my Dad’s dog, but to anyone that knows me, I just call her My Dog. Sorry, Dad.

Sevi and I are tight. When I’m in Chicago, I chat with her on the phone (she usually stays quiet), and we have the occasional Skype date. I demand that my Dad send me pictures every few days. Whenever I am at my parents’ house, she is by my side. It’s all slumber parties and girls’ nights. Gotta love a Golden.

There’s not much else to say about Sevi right now, except that I miss her and wanted to share a picture of her on this week’s link post!


Speaking of the links, it’s been over 3 weeks since I’ve done one of these, so sorry about that! Last weekend I got so excited about the recipe that I was posting that I forgot all about links. That extra week helped me find a variety of interesting things, so there should be something for everyone. Usually I’m scrambling to find enough stuff, but not this time. Just kidding… I’m totally on top of my stuff all the time…

Please, if you click any link out of all of these, let it be the first one. I promise you will appreciate it. You need a giggle break. This is my giggle break. I ran around my apartment reenacting it. You will appreciate that statement only if you click it. Thank you.

  • Please just click THIS. No seriously. If you only click one link, let it be this one.
  • Chicago friends: The best places to laugh!
  • A more or less convenient “hack” for making pasta
  • Slang and Facebook’s graph search
  • Do you take baths?
  • Hiring is basically dating now
  • Would you want to wear these clothes?
  • The only way to improve Rob Delaney’s tweets

Read or watched anything else lately that deserves an honorable mention? Let me know in the comments!

One Thought on “For the Week (2.25.13)

  1. Sevi is soo cute! I love dogs 🙂

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