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This weekend I had a guest post featured on One Road at a Time about why I studied abroad in Spain. It was my first guest post! I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to reflect on my motivations for moving to Europe. I also got to share the recipe for Chicken in Almond Sauce, a dish that is very close to my heart.

One Road at a Time is a blog run by my family friend, Patti, who runs a bed & breakfast in Ashland, OR. Patti’s known my family since before I was born, which is always crazy to think about. No one had thought up the idea for blogs yet, and I doubt anyone would have thought we’d both have one! Be sure to check out her Facebook page and blog for tons more great stories about recipes, traveling, and life!

A rainy day outside of Taberna Coloniales, the restaurant that inspired my love of Chicken in Almond Sauce


One Thought on “Guest Post on One Road at a Time

  1. Your guest post was a HUGE success and I definitely look forward to future posts! And yes, who woulda thunk it that the day would come when we were connected through the world of blogging! I love it!

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