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My Cookbooks: Part 1

I thought it’d be fun to do a small post about my modest collection of cookbooks! The past summer, I really started collecting them. Then, in the fall, my parents shipped this collection from California to Chicago. The package never came. USPS lost all of them.

Since then, I’ve been rebuilding. Some new, some old. New ventures and replacements.

The saddest part was losing my dad’s original copy of The Moosewood Cookbook from the 70s. That one I’m still looking for; I want to find a 70s copy at a used bookstore to replace it.

I spend most of my recipe-hunting time online, through blogs, Pinterest and Tastespotting. The variety available online is astounding. You can literally type in any combination of ingredients and find something, somewhere. Most of my ideas come from inside my own head, and then I search to see how other people have executed that idea. But that doesn’t guarantee the recipe has been tested, or will even taste good! I’ve had several cooking fails from recipes online (usually from larger publications, rather than personal blogs), due to poorly written or poorly tested information.

Cookbooks, though? You can put a litte more stock in them. They’ve got a reputation to uphold. Their authors have (hopefully) had time and money to test them, and have only included the best of the best. Not everything will turn out great, but there’s certainly a much higher success rate with cookbooks than recipes online, in my opinion!

Below are three of my most commonly used cookbooks! In the another post at a later date, I will dive into the more obscure cookbooks I have.
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