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Miso Ginger Chicken

The kitchen is on lockdown. When there’s two consecutive BBQs at your house over the weekend and your house has just been cleaned, your mom does not appreciate a bag of flour exploding on the countertop and some sticky fruit thing messing up the new tablecloth. So I cannot cook until Monday, meaning it will be over a week before I can get a new recipe up here.

I’m excited to do some experimentation with alternative flours this coming week. Last weekend I made an incredible banana coconut lime bread, and I have been challenged to make a paleo version of the baked good. That means almond flour instead of traditional flour and agave nectar instead of sugar, plus a few other modifications. I’m hopeful I can make it work!

Miso-Ginger Chicken

Until then, I will be spending the weekend at a jazz festival. I’ve been dreaming of the gumbo I had there two years ago when I was a volunteer. I’d never had gumbo or jambalaya before, but after watching nonstop customers line up and wait 45+ minutes over two days of the festival, I knew I had to have whatever they were serving. And it did not disappoint. Have you ever had a moment where you assumed everyone else just knew something you didn’t, so you followed the masses? It doesn’t always disappoint.

So until next week’s flour adventure, I’ll leave you with a recipe I did a couple months ago for school. It’s simple, but packs a punch of flavor. Just make sure to leave time for the marinade.

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