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Curried Turkey Tacos

Curried Turkey Tacos

Did you know Wikipedia is nearing completion? There’s already 4.1 million articles, and if you spend more than 15 minutes poking around, you see how ridiculously thorough they are. My friend Brian and I spent nearly two hours exploring the depths of obscure music genres on Wikipedia, learning more than we ever thought we could about  science fantasy folk music circles, what genre Aqua and Vengaboys really are (Bubblegum Dance), and that there are over 200 subgenres of electronic music. Yeah.

So, will there be a point at which Wikipedia ceases to have anything new added? Besides, of course, current events. It makes me think of recipes– will there be a point at which there are no new combinations of ingredients? Is it possible that everything that could be cooked, is? Chefs who specialize in molecular gastronomy certainly hope not.

I ponder this because I took a chance with a recipe today. Normally, when the spark of a recipe idea starts in my head, I go directly to Google to see what other people have done to make it. There were no satisfactory results (at least within the first three pages; who goes farther?) for curried turkey tacos using shredded turkey. I have leftovers, I don’t want to go out and buy ground turkey for these! What’s left to do? Invent.

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On Thanksgiving Leftovers

I am the photo editor for a little online publication at Northwestern called NU Intel. It’s a lifestyle/culture publication that recently decided to add a food blog to the regular rotation! Sometimes I photograph for it, sometimes I cook for it.

Head on over to NU Intel to check out my post today on Thanksgiving Leftovers!

You’ll find recipes for:

  • Leftover Turkey-Cranberry Grilled Cheese
  • Turkey Nachos
  • Turkey Rice Soup
  • Thanksgiving Pie Milkshakes

Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend with family and friends. Make something delicious.